tiistai 28. syyskuuta 2010

Late Night Spamming

Hello, hello, hear the World?

I, I have been ill. Majorly. Fevers and infected throaths and other rather nasty stuff.
So let's speak of something more appealing.

Now, I'm anxiously waiting for some post packages to arrive. Two in fact, other one is including some Lip Service pieces and the other one was one of my middle-night biddings. Ah. Ha. Ha. A Jareth fan shirt. Got a bit overly exited one night here, listening sweet music and burning candles.

I just love that song to no ends. I have tried to find piano sheets for it but with no success.
(Seal - Kiss From A Rose and Sonata Arctica - Don't Say A Word were the two other songs that I played over and over again that night.)

Oh, but before falling ill, I managed to save this:

Sounded like an interesting game. 13€ GameHouse.
If you are a gamer yourself, see [wikipedia] for more info.

Also checked through a french drama-document about Marie Antoinette. The dressmakers sure had some nice time with that one. Strangely (or perhaps because clock is closing to morning and I'm not on my sharpest anymore) I didn't find too much text about it in Internet.
But here is a finnish sites selling the DVD in question [cdon.com].
Also all the pictures google gave me were from the movie of the same name..

After it I watched a movie, which in fact was french as well [Brotherhood of the Wolf (wikipedia)].

Takes place in 18th century France, where indeed was this little trouble with a beast often descriped as a monstrous wolf. (Yes, based on a true story.)
Some nice clothes in this one too and some really pretty shots. Also, suprisingly, the fights looked good. Quite a dark movie really, almost creepy in some parts.

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