lauantai 11. syyskuuta 2010

Just Passing By

Yeah, since I wanted to leave a comment into one blog, I needed to log in. And since I'm in, I can feat here the shop link I had waiting for some other link in order to make this a proper post, and.. Oh well.
(And while sending the comment, I realized I haven't khm, left a comment before, and.. Well, how wrong can you go with sending a comment? Not too much, right? Right? O lardie...)
(And while strolling from blog to blog, one question came up: how can you all be so damn pretty? Damn you, I look like a plate face next to you all xD.)

So, the link, right?

[Dracula Clothing]
These guys are located in Norway, take payments with Paypal, Visa and Mastercard. And they ship for free worldwide. Now that's something that. All should do the same: free shipping and PayPal. Ah, the world would be a wonderful place~

Err, so! They have, let's see..
Lots of corsets, which, I dare say, seem like good quality.
Also they provide us with 32 different pocketwatches with prices ranging between 20-35€.
Got to love pocketwatches.
And a pile of other stuff, but those are the main items apparently.

Here few pics from the sites:
And now, I got to get some sleep into this head o' mine.
That is, after few chapters of Shogun, naturally.

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