sunnuntai 12. syyskuuta 2010

Dances With Swords

It's a sunday today, so the brainwork is on the lowest possible level.

Since last winter I have had this one shirt I made lurking around. I haven't used it once since it has some annoying flaws. Today I tried to figure out what to dress it with and still look clever. I didn't want to thrash it since it still had few things I really liked (and the laces costed me some money, dammit).

In the end the best thing to do is to use it with a long vest, but then all the details on front are left unseen. And there is that collar.. it's quite problematic.

Also this testing gave me the perfect opportunity to introduce one of my most dearest treasures: my mighty iaitoo (katana which's cutting edge isn't sharpened). It's used in iaido, which is a japanese fencing thing.
I have been practising it for about six years. Sadly the studings often burn me out so bad that I don't have the energy (or time) to anything else than to drag myself home and fall asleep. So I can't practice quite as much as I wanted, nor enought to really proceed in iaido, but it's always nice to pick this pretty creation up and wave it around.

And since I started writing about hobbies: I also practice thieu lam (shaolin, but in Vietnamese, since our su phu is from that part of the World) kung fu. But the lack of time (and sometimes my laziness) bothers this hobby too. But it's great fun.

Oh well, but just to make sure you won't miss my tweaked face, have a pic without the prettier one of the day's models:


Also, changed the avatar here, whoo.

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