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O mai, I saw these going around the blogs I follow, but I didn't think I might get one myself. And then I got two =w=.
Thanks [Aristosa] and [Aie]! (Check their blogs, they are both worth following~)
The boystyles of mine got thanks from the both of them, so maybe I should share the pics of those outfits more often. Yes, I'll try to do that.

So the thing goes: tell seven things that the people following the blog don't know about you and then award seven more bloggers.

Let's start with the facts:
1. I love to have my stuff well organized but I always end up sitting in a middle of chaos.
(I hope you didn't quite know that >__>.)
2. I love stories, and therefore I love books, movies, poems, games.. you get the picture.
3. I love writing
(I'm not too good of a writer but I write anyways, and everywhere and it gives me peace of mind when I feel down. Also new ideas spring so fast that can't even write them all down.)
4. I play a keyboard in a some-sort-of-metal band
5. Walking and biking are nice things, but I need to have a plan or a goal or I get bored and think I have many things more important to do.
6. I like Michael Jackson's song Smooth Criminal.
(HA! Didn't see that coming? ..You did..?)
7. I love sky and clouds
(and have a habit of taking bad pics of them and spamming them in one other blog.)

As for the tagging, I would say just check all the blogs I follow. I don't do that for nothing.
But since getting an award is such a nice thing, I won't be boring.

And then the tagging in alphabetic order because that's nice:

A very active DIY blog that radiates masses of inspiration.

[Evil Fate Eternity]
A goth girl with a cool style.

[Korone's personal Blog]
An artblog with very pretty pics.

[Päivänvarjon Alla]
A gothic lolita with an excellent eye for elegance.

The cutest thing on Earth and my little sister spamming her shoppings and bjds.

[Through the Looking Glass]
A blogger with a great style and who posts pretty things.

EDIT: Alright, so I forgot the seventh blogger. Now I'll be boring.
7. YOU

Hahaha, take that! Now go and tell me about yourself.

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