tiistai 21. syyskuuta 2010


Past few weeks..
I have run into secondhand book and DVD shops mostly, and since I bring them stuff, I just can't leave without some new things. Agh, and I was trying to get some room into my shelves.

Also I might have bought some clothes but didn't quite remember to take pics, o' fail.

Here are two of the.. 7 books.. I believe there were just seven.. hopefully. All of them in fantasy genre and two of them Pratchetts. Gotta love that writer.
Autumn is great time for horror movies and books, ah, the dark evenings~

That I bought through Huuto.net. And one should never buy parfumes through Internet. Or at least not me. When not knowing the scent before. Damn, I get a head ache from that scent. But the bottle is pretty. I collect pretty bottles. Must remember to take a pic for you sometime.

(Sorry the backgrounds, my space is undertaking some serious organizing at the moment.)

This and it's pair were with a halved price at Backstreet. Mighty 3.something€.
And so cute~

I had a girly day today. Black and pink. Happens.
The dress was second hand (old school cut, evil fabric, but works when having another shirt under it), about 5€.
At the same round I also bought this one white-black striped collarshirt with some ruffles. Can't wait to get to use it in some ouji outfit!
(It needs ironing , so no pic.)

The hair accessory in my hand is from Nitrobabe, 14.50€. Whoa, the price.
I infact checked a wrong price back there, and just didn't dare to walk away at the counter. Ehm.
It's maker sells stuff under a name "Not So Lucky, Not So Lady", a finnish person.

Also bought one or two (*cough*) DVDs, of which I might mention Battle Royale in a cool box.
..I so was supposed not to buy stuff.. But most of this was bought with money got from selling things, so it's +1-1=0 situation.
What a perfect reason, eh.

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