tiistai 28. syyskuuta 2010

Late Night Spamming

Hello, hello, hear the World?

I, I have been ill. Majorly. Fevers and infected throaths and other rather nasty stuff.
So let's speak of something more appealing.

Now, I'm anxiously waiting for some post packages to arrive. Two in fact, other one is including some Lip Service pieces and the other one was one of my middle-night biddings. Ah. Ha. Ha. A Jareth fan shirt. Got a bit overly exited one night here, listening sweet music and burning candles.

I just love that song to no ends. I have tried to find piano sheets for it but with no success.
(Seal - Kiss From A Rose and Sonata Arctica - Don't Say A Word were the two other songs that I played over and over again that night.)

Oh, but before falling ill, I managed to save this:

Sounded like an interesting game. 13€ GameHouse.
If you are a gamer yourself, see [wikipedia] for more info.

Also checked through a french drama-document about Marie Antoinette. The dressmakers sure had some nice time with that one. Strangely (or perhaps because clock is closing to morning and I'm not on my sharpest anymore) I didn't find too much text about it in Internet.
But here is a finnish sites selling the DVD in question [cdon.com].
Also all the pictures google gave me were from the movie of the same name..

After it I watched a movie, which in fact was french as well [Brotherhood of the Wolf (wikipedia)].

Takes place in 18th century France, where indeed was this little trouble with a beast often descriped as a monstrous wolf. (Yes, based on a true story.)
Some nice clothes in this one too and some really pretty shots. Also, suprisingly, the fights looked good. Quite a dark movie really, almost creepy in some parts.

tiistai 21. syyskuuta 2010

Once More and With a Feeling

Alright, I rewrote my tags. They were so messy and unlogical and difficult.
So now
LINKS stands for, well all linking outside the blog
SHOPPING shows how I have managed to lose all of my money
SEWING ...I'll leave that to your imagination
JUST WEIRD means there is some random babble, report, happenings or my face. Maybe I should put a tag of it's own for outfit shots.. I'll think about that but not tonight, brainfunctioning is 5%.

I wonder if there was some other tags... I might have forgotten. In few posts the Blogger didn't let me chance the tags. Whined about broken codes and things inside the post, so I just left them be whatever they were. Sad.


Oh, and I'm selling few things in Huuto.net again. Help me get rid of this stuff!
(If you don't want to use huuto but want something, we can talk about it if no one is bidding at the moment.)

Sorry for the lightning of Doom in the pics. It doesn't quite flatter the items, now does it..

[Underground England shoes], size 39, starting price 10€, buy immediately price at 20€.

[H&M shirt with lace & victorianish collar], size 34, buy immediately price 4€.

[Puffysleeved, quite long dress], size S-M, buy immediately price 3€.

[Poizen Industries dress with accessories], size S, price starts from 34€, buy immediately price at 40€.
(I infact never used it, and managed to get my cutie sister inside it only once, too short for her legs, she said *grumble*. One of the wolf's hour buyings, I believe..)

In Huuto you can read more info of every item (in case finnish isn't a problem :p).
I add stuff in Huuto quite often. If the stuff is more "basic", I'm not going to mention them here, but the list of everything should be found by clicking [this] later too.


O mai, I saw these going around the blogs I follow, but I didn't think I might get one myself. And then I got two =w=.
Thanks [Aristosa] and [Aie]! (Check their blogs, they are both worth following~)
The boystyles of mine got thanks from the both of them, so maybe I should share the pics of those outfits more often. Yes, I'll try to do that.

So the thing goes: tell seven things that the people following the blog don't know about you and then award seven more bloggers.

Let's start with the facts:
1. I love to have my stuff well organized but I always end up sitting in a middle of chaos.
(I hope you didn't quite know that >__>.)
2. I love stories, and therefore I love books, movies, poems, games.. you get the picture.
3. I love writing
(I'm not too good of a writer but I write anyways, and everywhere and it gives me peace of mind when I feel down. Also new ideas spring so fast that can't even write them all down.)
4. I play a keyboard in a some-sort-of-metal band
5. Walking and biking are nice things, but I need to have a plan or a goal or I get bored and think I have many things more important to do.
6. I like Michael Jackson's song Smooth Criminal.
(HA! Didn't see that coming? ..You did..?)
7. I love sky and clouds
(and have a habit of taking bad pics of them and spamming them in one other blog.)

As for the tagging, I would say just check all the blogs I follow. I don't do that for nothing.
But since getting an award is such a nice thing, I won't be boring.

And then the tagging in alphabetic order because that's nice:

A very active DIY blog that radiates masses of inspiration.

[Evil Fate Eternity]
A goth girl with a cool style.

[Korone's personal Blog]
An artblog with very pretty pics.

[Päivänvarjon Alla]
A gothic lolita with an excellent eye for elegance.

The cutest thing on Earth and my little sister spamming her shoppings and bjds.

[Through the Looking Glass]
A blogger with a great style and who posts pretty things.

EDIT: Alright, so I forgot the seventh blogger. Now I'll be boring.
7. YOU

Hahaha, take that! Now go and tell me about yourself.


Past few weeks..
I have run into secondhand book and DVD shops mostly, and since I bring them stuff, I just can't leave without some new things. Agh, and I was trying to get some room into my shelves.

Also I might have bought some clothes but didn't quite remember to take pics, o' fail.

Here are two of the.. 7 books.. I believe there were just seven.. hopefully. All of them in fantasy genre and two of them Pratchetts. Gotta love that writer.
Autumn is great time for horror movies and books, ah, the dark evenings~

That I bought through Huuto.net. And one should never buy parfumes through Internet. Or at least not me. When not knowing the scent before. Damn, I get a head ache from that scent. But the bottle is pretty. I collect pretty bottles. Must remember to take a pic for you sometime.

(Sorry the backgrounds, my space is undertaking some serious organizing at the moment.)

This and it's pair were with a halved price at Backstreet. Mighty 3.something€.
And so cute~

I had a girly day today. Black and pink. Happens.
The dress was second hand (old school cut, evil fabric, but works when having another shirt under it), about 5€.
At the same round I also bought this one white-black striped collarshirt with some ruffles. Can't wait to get to use it in some ouji outfit!
(It needs ironing , so no pic.)

The hair accessory in my hand is from Nitrobabe, 14.50€. Whoa, the price.
I infact checked a wrong price back there, and just didn't dare to walk away at the counter. Ehm.
It's maker sells stuff under a name "Not So Lucky, Not So Lady", a finnish person.

Also bought one or two (*cough*) DVDs, of which I might mention Battle Royale in a cool box.
..I so was supposed not to buy stuff.. But most of this was bought with money got from selling things, so it's +1-1=0 situation.
What a perfect reason, eh.

sunnuntai 12. syyskuuta 2010

Dances With Swords

It's a sunday today, so the brainwork is on the lowest possible level.

Since last winter I have had this one shirt I made lurking around. I haven't used it once since it has some annoying flaws. Today I tried to figure out what to dress it with and still look clever. I didn't want to thrash it since it still had few things I really liked (and the laces costed me some money, dammit).

In the end the best thing to do is to use it with a long vest, but then all the details on front are left unseen. And there is that collar.. it's quite problematic.

Also this testing gave me the perfect opportunity to introduce one of my most dearest treasures: my mighty iaitoo (katana which's cutting edge isn't sharpened). It's used in iaido, which is a japanese fencing thing.
I have been practising it for about six years. Sadly the studings often burn me out so bad that I don't have the energy (or time) to anything else than to drag myself home and fall asleep. So I can't practice quite as much as I wanted, nor enought to really proceed in iaido, but it's always nice to pick this pretty creation up and wave it around.

And since I started writing about hobbies: I also practice thieu lam (shaolin, but in Vietnamese, since our su phu is from that part of the World) kung fu. But the lack of time (and sometimes my laziness) bothers this hobby too. But it's great fun.

Oh well, but just to make sure you won't miss my tweaked face, have a pic without the prettier one of the day's models:


Also, changed the avatar here, whoo.

lauantai 11. syyskuuta 2010

Just Passing By

Yeah, since I wanted to leave a comment into one blog, I needed to log in. And since I'm in, I can feat here the shop link I had waiting for some other link in order to make this a proper post, and.. Oh well.
(And while sending the comment, I realized I haven't khm, left a comment before, and.. Well, how wrong can you go with sending a comment? Not too much, right? Right? O lardie...)
(And while strolling from blog to blog, one question came up: how can you all be so damn pretty? Damn you, I look like a plate face next to you all xD.)

So, the link, right?

[Dracula Clothing]
These guys are located in Norway, take payments with Paypal, Visa and Mastercard. And they ship for free worldwide. Now that's something that. All should do the same: free shipping and PayPal. Ah, the world would be a wonderful place~

Err, so! They have, let's see..
Lots of corsets, which, I dare say, seem like good quality.
Also they provide us with 32 different pocketwatches with prices ranging between 20-35€.
Got to love pocketwatches.
And a pile of other stuff, but those are the main items apparently.

Here few pics from the sites:
And now, I got to get some sleep into this head o' mine.
That is, after few chapters of Shogun, naturally.