torstai 19. elokuuta 2010

We Are Made of Epic

Oh, righty, back in the days I still had long hair, a friend who studies art stuff asked me to model in some work he was doing. I liked the idea he had in the thing and agreed. I believe he won't mind if I feat a pic from the thing here too.

Buhhaha. Life is epic.
And because it is, here is another shot I took once that I was wearing happy stuff.

Also! Last weekend one of my dear friends held her birthday parties in a far away location, deep inside the forests of Finland. The theme was 'Mad Tea Party', drawing it's inspiration from Alice's adventures, as you might have guessed.

Miss K had done some serious work with the decorations and all. We had white roses painted red, cup cakes that told to eat them, signs that welcomed to Wonderland etc. Also there was a small competition held for the best hat (mheh, the winner infact had tied a beer can into her hair, but the judges, me and miss K, found it the most creative of hats present).
All in all it was lots of fun, saw friends, made new accuintances, sang SingStar 'till the morning and painted H's face so that even her mother wouldn't have been able to recognize her anymore.

Now have a pic of faces of weird me and beautiful miss K.

(All the pics taken, I managed to look awfull, but this was the most tolerable.)

Next up is [Ofelia Market].
People selling stuff -new and second handed- around gothic styles, lolita styles, burlesque and so on. Having also some shows.. Alright, I didn't check the program yet, but I hope it will be nice and lots of people in pretty clothes. Er. And lot's of second hand sellers, I don't have money -___-'.

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