tiistai 10. elokuuta 2010

Was There, Bought That

About a week ago I visited Helsinki with a friend, my sister and her friend. Lots of walking around, seeking for small boutiques. I didn't have much money to start with, so no wonder I didn't exactly try to find anything.

These however costed me only 15€ at dinsko. They could be smaller by a size, but that can be fixed easily. I'm not fond of the leather pattern, but.. 15€. And they are quite nice, yes.
(Other shoes, with way wonderful metal-plates-on-heels were left behind, since my wallet went empty, I'll miss you luvs~)

These socks tagged along too, from Morticia. Yes. Robbed me almost 10€, and I'll propably break them after a while.. angst.

I also tried to sew a jacket, but that failed miserably in some point. And after that quite a few things have failed as well, so now I don't have any energy to do anything creative. Or pretty much anything at all (thg playing with our band last weekend went well). So I'm just playing and trying to get a driving license and so on. Yay.

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