torstai 26. elokuuta 2010

Vivienne Westwood Shoe Exhibition

Oh my, now at all times would be the perfect time to pay a visit to London. Such an interesting city, where I would definitely love to run around with some money and a camera.

But now they also have an exhibition of Westwood shoes from 1973 to 2010.
The doors open 26.8.2010 (today, oh my) and closes 22.9.2010 (so soon!).
The place is The Ultralounge, Selfridges London.

For a finnish article, click [here].
For an english article, click [here].
By googling, you will find few hundred more.

Here few photos of the shoes you could see live, if you happened to wander to a right place at a right time.

(Thanks for the link, miss K ;D.)

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