sunnuntai 1. elokuuta 2010

Victoria Francés

I needed a picture to hang on my wall (next to the puzzle I posted earlier) because there is this happy frame all alone..

So I ended up watching the art of the spanish lady mentioned before. Francés was born 1982 and now she is well known by her almost legendary gothic art. She has released artbooks (surely beautiful and inspiring things) and her works have been made into posters, puzzles, calendars, cards and so on.

...Though since her work resembles too much of my puzzle here, I think I want something different to hang next to it.
But anyway, here is few pretty pics to make this post interesting.
(Who likes to feature pics..)

For more info about the artist you could try our beloved friend [wikipedia].
For official sites, where you might want to check the photographs, head [here].
Some fan sites in english [here].
For just another pile of pics from her, go [here].

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