tiistai 10. elokuuta 2010

Unreal Dressmakers

I was just around a corner, and then there was this trail of candies, and while following it I found a village of .... alright, let's leave that there. The point was, that I found these two sites, where some way skilled people have made some quite remarkable dresses.Yeah, it's their mission in life to make us amateurs feel all humble and low.
No! I mean, here some eyecandy.. err...

Location: USA, ordering system... well I looked at [this] and decided it to be way too complex to my overly tired brains. But what I can be pretty sure now is that they don't take PayPal, which is always sad, but they do ship international. And use that... order form. Hrr.

They also have men's selection:

This jacket's name is The Potionmaster, and it description starts "This new tailored design from Kambriel is inspired by our favorite master of potions, the velvet-voiced Severus Snape. [...]"

[Viona Art]
"Fairytale Photography and Costume Design"
That sums the thing up pretty well. Pretty photos and costumes of which some look like they were straight from some historical movie.

Pretty historical movies are nice.

That's that for today. Captain is off, engage.

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