keskiviikko 25. elokuuta 2010


Not only is it a spoon (I mean, spoons, how cute things are they! Expecially antique spoons and long necked ice cream spoons) but it's also a skull (and how cute things are those).
[Pinky Diablo] is the guy who came up with these. Sadly those sites are hardly sites at all... Would have loved to see more skullspoons. To order these sweeties you need to email the guy and the work costs $45 per spoon. Located somewhere in US.
But isn't it wonderful what all can people come up with.

Then the other thing I have for you today is a shop that sells, well, you have seen all of the items somewhere before. Lip Service, Gothic Alchemy, the-costumish-chinese-clothes.. And the jewelry things you can find from any alternative store around here.
and the "but" is the point in linking this. Not only are they having quite extensive selection of it all, but also they locate in Lithuania, which means in EU, which means no customs for big orders around here.

[Fantasm Agoria]
Fashion, music, lifestyle. Sites also in english, payments PayPal and Bank Transfer. Worldwide shipping and over 10 000 items on sale. They also provide their customers a free gift when your order is over 15€.

Here few items from their sites:

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