sunnuntai 22. elokuuta 2010

Ofelia Market 2010 TRE

Alrighty, OM was yesterday and I joined the happy growd there with my little sister. Lots of people, the place was packed full almost the whole day. It wasn't too much fun to navigate there under many layers of fabric and long sleeves... Just like a tropical sauna.

But a happy thing was that many of the people attending were dressed up according to their style. Most of them seemed to be rockabillys (& vintage people), few clearly goths, few very colorful (pink) persons, at least two clear steampunkers and about seven lolitas (mostly gothic). Also one who could have been male aristo, or a victorian goth, I didn't stop to ask. Even though I walked past her about ... five times. Oh well. But all the pretty people in interesting clothes made me very happy, thank you all.

The sellers were mostly crafts people who had made some nice jewellry or mini hats. Mostly jewellry. A bit of clothing here and there, mostly second hand, mostly for the vintage people.
I bought 'a killed animal'. There was prettier staff too but this was one I didn't know where the seller had bought her materials. Clever reasoning. (The skeleton camees were pretty, but I can buy them cheaper from etsy).

My sister seemed to want to buy about everything, but settled on these:

Sorry for the bad pic, I didn't realize it was so blurred before it was on com already.

Here are few cards we managed to snatch from the tables of the sellers (and a ticket):
(Click to see it bigger.)

And this bag was too pricy for us (169€) but we both agreed it was cute as anything.

As for the show, the fashion show was great. We were very stunned by the last ones. The backgrounds flashed name Vanity Project 2010, and a preformer gave us a card that spoke of 'Aron Ra'. Will sreach deeper later. As well as the video that someone was taking of the show.
The hoopdancer's performance was wonderful, some of the moves seemed magical. Very talented woman in her profession.
The poledancers were definitely good too, but they didn't always move at the same time nor fit in the music all the time. But the spins were nevertheless great, expecially the double spin with two performers.

Also me and my sister were asked to photos and interviews for the starting ( magazine [fatale] 's streetfashion part. The interviewers were very nice, but I was so confused that I had no idea what I was talking about. But they will send the text and the pics to us before putting them anywere, so then I hope I can correct the stuff >__>.
As for the magazine, I look forward to it. Finland sure needs one for alternative fashion and life style, was just a matter of time that someone took up the task. Good thing.

I was in flu and looked off all the time. Also it was so hot, I couldn't wear my jacket.
Have a face:

Yyeah, glasses, yeah. Hrr.
Well, that was one big, fat post. Now I must go.

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