torstai 19. elokuuta 2010

Making a Note

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

I went to visit a shop or two (more likely two or perhaps ten), was looking for a white collar shirt and a black bowler hat, but in the end I found neither.

I got the bowler obsession when I saw a small picture in a fashion magazine. The hat in question belonged to Hermes' autumn 2010 collection, few pics of which I'll feat here (though none is the pic that was in the mag) because I sort of liked it.

Wonderfull picture, now isn't that?

Here is few collection collabs:

...That's lots of leather. But I like the dandy feeling the collection has.

Now what I did find is nothing as special as the things above, these just clung to my arm and begged me to carry them away... Expecially the long-sleeved thing, it told me it was very soft and wanted to be worn as the days start to get cold again...

The little hair accessory there has skulls too. And well, skulls, just gotta love them. And all of the things are from ginatricot, a shop where you wouln't think a goth would walk even close to. But I saw skulls and metal there, so in I went (again >__>) and am happy for doing so.

Also, a happy puzzle has made it's way to my wall! Assembled with help and glued with elbows.
(And we broke the glass that was supposed to be there, which wounded the poor pic, but copics hid that pretty well.)

And I have a flu and it's very irritating.
And now, good bye for a little while~

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