maanantai 19. heinäkuuta 2010

Who says you can't wear long sleeves when it's over 20'C?

Argh, I had sites of some store waiting to be featured here, but the com crashed and err, I lost it.

I haven't worn kodonas for whole summer, which is pretty understandable in sense that it has been way hot out there. But aside of that I have felt more like dressing in gothic skirts and that with punk touch (or just nightwear, it's summer, I don't need to get up everyday).
(Maybe it's the short hair, identity problems? 8D)

Today however I threatened the +20'C and over with my long sleeves and fabric layers! It felt so nice to drag those clothes out of the wardrope for a long while. Now I'm quite hyped of purchasing new stuff for the style again. Maybe I could try to sew something...
(I did buy some happy and black T-shirts today (0.90-1.50€ each, second-hand shopping rules). Nothing fancy.)

Argh! Hey, that was of a good quality and a big photo, why does blogger's pic-feature-system rape it? You can see PIXELS if I make it any larger. Shoot you, bad system.

Oh, and there would be a meeting of a lolita-and-the-rest -kind of forum, around my homecity this month. I'm not really active writer, knowing none etc so I'm not sure if I dare to go at all. In the other hand it could be fun...

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