perjantai 4. kesäkuuta 2010

Vivienne Westwood stuff

[Westwood's sites]
[hervia] sites where to buy VW's stuff.

Mmm, so nice jewelry, mmm such infernal prices.
It would be a dream-come-true -situation if these were somewhere as second hand when the seller wouldn't understand to put high prices on them.. Yeah, right, as if that would happen.

These ones I might really order some day during this year still, something I could afford, and look how cute they are!

And look at that! How sweetly detailed thing. The price is a killer though, 259.20$. Ouch. Keep it in the collection 'till I can afford something like this!

And the almost legendary armor ring. So nice~ It has gained some replicas too so I wonder if there was any that would be of a good quality >__>.

Ever heard of a manga NANA? Well, it made my love towards Westwood's stuff even worse than it was before. A wonderful comic, oh yes.

And this has nothing to do with Westwood, but since I don't wish to make a separate post for this:
There is this band, AFI, with which I fell in love one pretty day when I saw their music video and after that their songs have always been carried in my iPod (even though I never list them in 'my favorite bands', I still like them). I hadn't listened them for a while until last night when I decided to check what's new with them.
Eum, half a year ago a new album, and, well, too soft and too 'popish' to me, but I'll stay listening the older things and maybe they'll now and then make some songs that will be aggressive enough. Medicate wasn't bad, after listening it few times, I pretty much liked it, but the rest.. Oh well.
One thing lead to another and another, ending with me staring at this:

Would I look like a supporter of some... religious thing if I walked around with that?

You see, the singer of AFI had established [Zu-Boutique] with mostly t-shirts, but also some jewelry among which there was this. (Davey also wears one in their music video to the song Medicate.) Since it's small and I could already see me wearing it in a thin chain long enough to reach my waist, I couldn't help but think it cute. But it's a cross, upside-down. ;___;. Couldn't it just be a piece of jewelry to everyone's eyes?

But it's also having some weirdly high price.. But I still think it's cute. (And bloody limited, I hate when I like limited stuff I can't afford.) Mmm, maybe I should just go and buy another ankh-cross and put it hanging from a ridiculously long chain to cool my brains from weird whims >__>.

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