keskiviikko 16. kesäkuuta 2010

Shopaholical Attack

I was supposed to save up to get a jacket-skirt -combination by Lip Service, but I accidently wandered into a second-hand shop where some people had dumped some pretty things, and how could I have resisted their call when they had so lil' prices written on their tags? Aww, my self-control sucks.

So today just stuff that I have gathered~
With guaranteed bad quality of the photos~~

The dress is by Hell Bunny, cost: 2€. Who ever left it, I love you, for you made my day bright.
(Though I need to sew the halter better.)
The chess-square mini skirt by Mercy: cost ...something between 2 and 6€.
(I remember when these were sold at Backstreet, I liked it a lot, but didn't buy for my friend bought one.. and now I saved it nevertheless. Eumm.)
The third one was 2€, made by random.

The top looks a bit wrecked, but that's just my fault, for I didn't notice it when taking the pic. It's mostly pvc, lightly boned thing by random (yes, I'm just too lazy to go and fetch it to check the tag), which lacked the thread from front and costed 4€. It looked rather nice (no, I'm not wearing it without something long and black under it, yeez).
The skirt was left by the same person as the Hell Bunny dress above. Didn't notice the maker, cost: 1€. ( <3)

Lookie, lot's of layers and ruffle~ Omnomnom~

I also bought few easy-going shirts and two quite common skirts by 1-2€ each, but they are getting washed now, so no pics.

An older finding. It's a bit too big for me though, should have realized it there.. (3€). But it was just hanging from my arm when I was leaving, and it radiated steampunk a bit and.. fine, maybe I'll just sell it in some point..

These weren't second-hand but anyways. Asplund's cross in blood red. It's really dark against black, bwahhaha. And Christina Aguilera perfume, a little bottle. For I didn't have money for the big, pretty thing. I don't use parfumes that much, but I love the bottles. And the fragrance is pleasant too. Maybe I'll lure both this one's big version and the 'night' version of the parfume into my shelf. I might use the both, and they are pretty bottles. Yup.

The butterflies are from H&M, the earrings from Bijou Brigitte. I love camee stuff, pretty (not with gold or brown thou, that much, hrr). One for hair, rest for crafts. Quess which.

An abandoned book, the last part of Potters in finnish, from antiquarian bookshop, 7€. I read the english version the night it was sold here the first time (oh, fine, finished it at morning, since I was falling asleep), but it never felt like a right time to buy this. Now my collection is happy.

This red babe is new one too: Korg's SV-1. Quite delicious piano sounds. (Obviously I didn't pay that myself. That story includes unfair sellers, Triton Extremes, stubborn, pissed-off people etc not feeling like writing much today but stuff.)

And this is some fabric that my sister's friend brought to me with a picture of a skirt. So I'm making one for her. Yeah.

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