tiistai 22. kesäkuuta 2010

Pretty Things

Oooh, I'm so tired. I'll be sure to miss tomorrows morning practises!

Here is a pretty puzzle by Ravensburger or something. I'm no puzzle maniac, but I just wanted to hang this pretty pic on my wall!

(Yeah, no photogrpher's skills here.)

And these shoes arrived from post few days ago, second-hand but in the perfect condition.

A girl must have her summer shoes, right?

And then these two, just 'cos they were laying around at the right time:
-ImagineFX special, about drawing anatomy
-First book of Brian Jacgues' Redwall stories

Redwall is pretty interesting book series. The books are mainly concentrated around the happening of an abbey which is led by different animals. But it's not a children's book, there is lot's of violence and death and so on. Very interesting, I must say.

I also tried to get a pic of my long 'mermaid' pvc skirt which I bought from Huuto, but the pics failed a big time. I haven't had a pvc skirt before, they have never felt like right to my style. But now I can't wait to get to wear this! Mmm, maybe at Lumous Gothic Festival that takes place in few weeks, hmhmhmm.

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