lauantai 22. toukokuuta 2010

Goggles and Corsets

Staggering around Internet like a drunken sailor (...what) I ran to many awesome things, among them there was these two that I needed to get to share here right away.

Some seriously pro-looking goggles things.
The Prices will fit only the most dedicated or/and those in wealth though. Nice job nevertheless.
Here is one ($195.00 USD):

Sweethearts, aren't they? (And somehow these bring the movie Sleepy Hollow to my mind, Johnny Depp running with some nice looking glasses, hmhmhmm~)

In [this] post earlier this year, I was crying over a dead-gorgerous corset with cameo-sort-of-pic in it. Well, now I apparently ran to it's designer's Etsy Shop:

[Lousie Black]

My goodness, how absolutely wonderful work they are! One pretty day, I'll be sure to capture one of those. Oh yes. With the pic of the ribs, oh yes.

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