torstai 20. toukokuuta 2010

Again a Nice Shop From the Mighty Internet

Well, if it ain't nice that it's warm outside.. so ..sunny.. Can't dress longsleeved things which is sad, since I like long jackets. And how big a bother is it to just take a step outside and then end up tanned? Argh!
But gave me the perfect reason to buy a pretty parasol.

Down to the business!
Here is an intrnet shop named [Retroscope Fashions].Their motto is "Elegance Above All" and what you'll find when you enter their sites is pretty much inspired by Gothic Aristocrat. So those and victorian goths and the steampunkers may find some really nice clothing from there~
Men too, which is nice. Very nice looking things.

The prices, as can be excepted, are not too low. Though not much more than F+F, really.
And if you look closely, you'll realize than some of the items are looking really much like those sold at F+F. Go and know.

They take Credit Cards and Paypal, shipping to quite many locations (apparently from North America).

Here is the cutest thing from their sites:

And since the stripes look fun, here is another item with the same fabric (and the shirt looks just like something I almost ordered from F+F once.)

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