torstai 21. tammikuuta 2010

Electronics hated me this weekend

So, at the moment I lack a com of my own, since some wires selfdestructed. Now I'm happily waiting to be able to pay my wallet empty for new one, because, yes, I need it. All the time. Desperately.

Lucky me, I managed to sell some old skirt, vest and belt off of me, I'm getting some money soon, but it's not much. Enough to get my and my friend's F+F package out of customs. Not enough to pay back to my brother for the external hard drive I bought from him. Well, lucky me, he is a brother, he can wait one more month.
The money balance was just fine until few days ago I runned into a pile of books -cheap and abandoned books. Along of them I managed to save a nice, bright red tie (2e), which I now love very much. I would have had a pic of it too, but since this com doesn't have any proper editing programs, it must wait. Here though some older, crappy picture. I love those sleeves. The shirt is somewhat ancient, since it's my mom's from the days she was a kid. Now I have adopted it into my wardrope (the hat is from Backstreet, the jacket is drifted).

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